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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes Tuff Kuffs® different and better than the old handcuff design that has been around
    for 100 years?

    Tuff Kuffs® are applied exactly in the same manner that the old design was. The swing through jaw allows for ease of application and quick engagement of the suspects wrists. That is where the similarity ends. With a twist of the handcuffs, whether on front or back, the hands are then turned and secured palm over opposite forearm. Eliminating or greatly reducing the possibility of a subject successfully fighting with an officer, grabbing his weapon, accessing a hidden key or evidence or slipping the handcuffs from back to front.

    Are Tuff Kuffs® strong or are there plastic parts inside like other handcuffs on the market?

    Tuff Kuffs® are constructed of 100%* surgical grade stainless steel, a first for the handcuff industry. The * is because there are 2 small internal springs that because of engineering design needed to be made out of a non-stainless, high grade steel. These are not exposed to the elements.

    Can Tuff Kuffs rust?

    No, they will not rust. Surface oxidation can be wiped off with a rag and light oil..

    What is the weight comparison for Tuff Kuffs® and standard handcuffs?

    Most standard handcuffs fall in the 10 – 13 ounce range. Tuff Kuffs® weigh 11.4 ounces.

    Why don’t all handcuffs have key access on both sides?

    The truth is that regular chain link handcuffs offer the handcuffed individual so much flexibility and range of movement that it is considered too great of a risk to give them another key hole to tamper with or use a hidden key in. With Tuff Kuffs® the hands are secured so much better that access to either key hole is greatly diminished.

    Does Tuff Kuffs® handcuffs fit all current cuff holders?

    Tuff Kuffs® fits most currently used holders. There are some that are a little too tight. Open holders, keepers and larger duty belt holders work just fine. We will be offering a line of cuff holders on our website soon.

    Are Tuff Kuffs® really, entirely made in America?

    The simple answer is YES. All parts are manufactured in the US. All raw materials for those parts are purchased here in the US. All assembly is done here in the US. All tooling necessary to assemble the Tuff Kuffs® handcuffs was purchased here in the US. 100% Made in the USA!

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